Issued Public Weather Forecasts

Public Forecast A   Table A (issued at 0500 Local Time)

Public Forecast B   Table B (issued at 1100 Local Time)

Public Forecast C   Table C   Map (issued at 1600 Local Time)

Issued Sea Forecasts

Sea Forecast A (issued at 0530 Local Time)

Sea Forecast B (issued at 1130 Local Time)

Sea Forecast C (issued at 1700 Local Time)

Sea Forecast D (issued at 2300 Local Time)

NAVTEX (issued at 0500 and 1600 UTC)

Issued Aviation Forecasts

NICOSIA FIR Forecast (issued at 0400, 1000, 1600 and 2200 UTC)

Local Area Forecast (issued at 0230, 0830, 1430 and 2030 UTC)

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