Issued Public Weather Forecasts:

 Table A (issued at 0500 Local Time)

 Table B (issued at 1100 Local Time)

 Table C (issued at 1600 Local Time)

Issued Sea Forecasts:

 Sea Forecast A  (issued at 0530 Local Time)

 Sea Forecast B (issued at 1130 Local Time)

 Sea Forecast C (issued at 1700 Local Time)

 Sea Forecast D (issued at 2300 Local Time)

 NAVTEX (issued at 0500 and 1600 UTC)

Issued Aviation Forecasts:

 NICOSIA FIR Forecast (issued at 0400, 1000, 1600 and 2200 UTC)

 Local Area Forecast (issued at 0230, 0830, 1430 and 2030 UTC)

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